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Hoodwink Recordings Studio was purpose built for the demands of producing an authentic sound using digital equipment.


The control room transparently blends the warmth of analogue with the versatility of digital giving our clients the perfect working balance with the optimal audio quality expected.


In the control room to achieve a truly accurate sound we have installed monitors offering an outstanding transparent sound with the full dynamic experience needed.


The studio has a 16 Metre Square live room with low ceilings and carpeted floor.  This creates the ideal ambient recording area and comfortably accommodates 4 – 5 piece bands for live recordings.  


The entire space has been acoustically designed and features; custom built bass traps and acoustic treatment, custom built multi functional acoustic screens.


The room sounds nice and lively with an attractive short decay,  Drums sound punchy, tight and focused. the room is idealy suited to enable live tracking of the entire band at the same time without unworkable spill across microphones.


The Studio can be booked by bands who just wish to have demo's or self release projects recorded.

The Recording Studio