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1. Do you accept unsolicited demos?


Of course! We love checking out new stuff. Email us with your band name in the subject. Send us your bio, Myspace, Youtube videos, etc. If you attach mp3’s, do not attach more than 2-4 of your best songs to the email.

Or send a CD to our postal address.


2. I sent my demo in, have you guys listened to it? What do you think? You wanna sign my band?


Because of the amount of submissions we get, it is impossible to respond to every single request. Feel free to follow up by emailing us again, but be aware that feedback is not always possible. We do listen to EVERYTHING that comes in. We will be in touch if we want to hear more or need any more info.


3. Is your recording studio open to bands not on your label?


It certainly is, we can record you for your own demos or self release CD's. Please email for a quote.


4. Can you provide session musicians?


Yes we have a small bank of talented musicians, experienced in the style of music.


5. We have our own recording, do you offer a mastering service?


Yes we do, we can get your tracks sounding proffesional and ready for release.

Please email for a quote.


6. I want to use a Hoodwink Recordings artist’s song on my sampler/comp/video, who do I talk to?.


Email us with your request including what kind of project it is for, what track(s) you would like to use and all pertinent information for the project and we’ll go from there.


7. How do I get promo copies of Hoodwink Recordings bands?


So you want to be on our press list?? Very cool! Below is information about how you can get promo copies of Hoodwink Recordings releases for press, radio, video, and promotions. We do not send CDs to everyone who asks, it doesn’t mean we don’t like you, but if you fill out everything below and have a good site/magazine that fits our bands, your chances are much better.


If you are a print magazine: Please send a copy of your latest issue to our postal address Attn: Put me on the press list. Include ALL the info requested below with the physical magazine (please do not email it) Also include an overview of when you publish your magazine (weekly, monthly, bi-monthy) if you do not publish on a regular basis we will probably not send you anything.


If you are a website: Please send a link to your site along with ALL the below information filled out with the subject line Put me on the press list. Make sure your site is current and updated regularly…


If you are a radio station or video channel (online or broadcast): Send an email to us. In the subject line write Put me on the radio/video list. Please include all the below info, your latest play-list, info on submissions, a link to your website, if you have one, and any other information you think we may need.


Send us all the below info to get promo copies from Hoodwink Recordings


Name of Magazine/Site/Station/Etc:

Your name:

Your position:



Mailing address:

Description of your


Type of music covered/Played:

Do you review CDs:

Do you do interviews/features:

Include briefly any other info that you think applies: